New Etsy Shop and GIVEAWAY!


After a big Arty Room clear-out this weekend, I decided that enough is enough and an Etsy shop was born. Please have a browse… welcome to Miss Beretta’s Illustration Pin-up Emporium ūüėČ All my cards are lovingly hand painted in watercolours – no prints, but the real deal: the original. Send one of these ladies to someone who’s really special to you… or stick her on your own wall, mounted and framed.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving one postcard away by randomly picking one of your names this Tuesday at 7pm GMT. To enter:

  • WordPressers, please re-blog this post and let me know which one you fancy.¬†OR:
  • Click on the photo of the pin-up lady you like to most to go to the blog post about her.¬†Then re-blog that post or share on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter using the “share” buttons. Please leave the¬†Twitter handle @miss_beretta in¬†your tweet or I won’t know your preference. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinup

Tiny brunette painting – nr. 2!

Phew… It’s been a busy few weeks working on commissions. Squeezed¬†in¬†this little brunette as England failed miserably in Brazil. Ah well, being a born and bred Dutch girl, I’m supporting the Netherlands¬†of course.¬†Anyways, it’s my own competition next week! I’ll be raffling off one of these pin-up portraits. But first, next up is… a multi-colour hair girl!

brunette pin-up girl watercolour painting

Tiny ginger painting

Stay tuned for a postcard painting give-away soon ūüėČ

watercolour painting ginger red head girl

Tiny blonde painting

A blonde today! Postcard sized, watercolour and ink.

watercolour painting of a blonde

Tiny brunette painting

Postcard sized, watercolour and ink.

watercolour painting cartoon girl

Rockabilly Girl Fashion Illustration

I’ve totally discovered Skillshare, this awesome website were you can do classes taught by experts in certain fields, like graphic design, portrait drawing and fashion illustration. To channel my inner glam girl (yes, it’s really still there after working with just men for 5 years) I signed up to the¬†fashion illustration course by the amazing Jennifer illustration Jennifer Lilya classAnd hereby I present to you… the end result. Pink! Done in watercolour and ink.

New illustration: Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish illustration
Lillian Gish illustration in biro, watercolour and some Photoshop finishing

During the Easter holiday I got to catch up on some drawing. Bliss. Still a bit obsessed with the whole black and white thing, I’ve started a little range of vintage Hollywood ladies. Starting with the 20s… Ladies and gentlemen, here is an illustration of the fabulous¬†Lillian Gish!

Happy Birthday, Jean Harlow!

Well.., yesterday! She has such an amazingly shaped face ‚̧

Pencil, biro and watercolour sketch to celebrate Jean Harlow’s birthday.