Beautiful people

A colleague passed on a link to a website with hundreds of images of beautiful people. Earth’s World features Americans visiting country fairs and other events, like Cinco de Mayo and this sultry lady. Check out the original here.

Watercolour painting of an Hispanic girl
This type of style is called “Chola”, I believe. She replaced her shaved eyebrows with super high, slightly angry looking drawn on ones. Why did she think this was a good idea? Anyway, I find her beautiful no matter what and a face like this is a real treat to draw. There is a kind of sadness there which I find fascinating. Not long ago, I did another Hispanic girl.
Hillbilly or a kickass cowboy? Doesn’t matter. Lots and lots of character there. Find the original here.

Both in Indian ink and watercolour. Even contemplating making more. My super cool boss Ian Bowden had been at it as well, doing this “Homeless or awesome pirate?” guy. Warning! Clicking this link will have you fall off your chair. Content is extremely GOOD!