Cat Boat Lady

This nice lady is Georgina Verbaan, an actress from my home country The Netherlands. I particularly love this pic in which she is modelling a t-shirt from my favourite animal charity ever!┬áDe Poezenboot is basically a housebout converted into a shelter for cats, right in the heart of Amsterdam. So yes, a pretty canal with a boat… full of cats. What’s not to like?

Georgina Verbaan illustratie
Illustration in biro and watercolours

Georgina Verbaan PoezenbootWhen I’m in Amsterdam, I usually pay a little visit to this catboat to play with the cats. This Christmas break I bought the t-shirt Georgina is wearing to show my support. Please join me and help this great charity by donating here by Paypal. Or get the official Poezenboot t-shirt, it’s a lovely quality!

Poezenboot t-shirt