Hand jobs

As a crunching game development person I don’t get much time these days to get the paints out. One should always take time for some drawing practice though. This week I decided to battle my fear of drawing hands.

pencil drawing of elegant hand
This pretty little thing belongs to Bev, my bellydance teacher. Due to a childhood fracture her pinky is slightly bent the wrong way making her hands even more interesting while dancing.

pencil drawing sketch of a hand holding mascara

The Lost Sketchbook

female portrait pencil sketches

Moving house is a horrible experience. It requires hard work, it makes you feel unsettled and tracking down misplaced stuff is everything but fun. Just as I had given up on my little suede bound sketchbook, it turned up in the craziest of places… at the bottom of a box full of old video games.

So here are some skecthes of Debbie Harry, Audrey Toutou, Frida Kahlo and Twiggy! I just love faces with a bit of character… CLICK IMAGE FOR A HIGHER RESOLUTION.

True story

In my previous post I blamed a beautiful day in the woods for a lack of drawings to show. Well, here is a visual representation of said day.

Comic about a boy helping a girl

And then they had tea and cake after the boy dried his muddy feet on the girls jacket. They lived happily ever after and sure hoped to live near those woods one day. True story…