Humans of Iran

… Or shall I say Ladies of Iran? Look at those cheekbones and lovely smiles!

Even a green crochet dress goes well with a smile like this.

Iran girl fashion watercolour in yellow coat
Furry Girl – Click for the original of  image by HONY.

New York photographer HONY went to Iran last month and took some really fascinating pictures of its inhabitants. The series truly changed my view of the country and the culture. Make sure to follow this guy on Tumblr or Facebook!

Previously, I posted illustrations of his usual muse: the Humans of New York.

Beautiful people… NYC Edition

After having painted a couple of beautiful people from the Southern states, I now did some New Yorkers. There are some lovely faces on Humans of New York and especially these two ladies caught my eye. This website is hilarious by the way and the captions had me in stitches.

New York girl in watercolour and ink
“Picnics inspire me”
New York lady in watercolour and ink
“People try to buy it off my head”

Click the links to see the originals of Flower Girl and Awesome Hat Granny.

So we went from Oregon, Louisiana and Kanas to NYC. Where shall we go next?