Shopping for a bikini in low season can be challenging. When you’ve got a pear where your body should be, it’s even harder. After hours and hours of online shopping, I finally found a nice frilly number on

painting of girl on beach

Why in the world does she need a bikini at this time of year, you ask? Well, I’m off to a holiday resort in Mexico for two weeks! Yes, just like real people do. I’m going to have an awesome time sipping on cocktails and being all decadent in this 5 star all-inclusive on the Caribbean coast. Bliss… And guess what? I’ll be going during Día de los Muertos! Expect skull themed girly pictures soon.

painting of girl on the beach

Now it used to be quite normal for beachwear models to have more curves. In the 50s they were absolutely rocking those size 16 bathing suits. Wobbly bits would just be more covered up by skirted or hotpant designs, like Marilyn’s bathing suit here. So go on, just be happy with those curves!

My 8 year old self

painting of girl dressing up

At 3 years, I thought they’d put me in play school to assist the teacher and tell the other kids what to do. A few years later, I had my mind set on becoming a famous fashion designer. And at 8 years, I pretty much considered myself all grown-up. Yes, I had a big imagination as a kid.

In addition to playing out this epic, continuing saga with my Barbies, I loved dressing up in my mum’s old clothes. I remember it became “real” as soon as I put those clothes on. I’d be performing a play and bothering house guest by demanding full attention. My mum was less impressed that time when I got out her lace bodysuit from the bottom of the drawer. I was quickly escorted back to my room and changed back in that typical garish 80s kiddie outfit.

This week’s Illustration Friday is about what used to be one of my favourite toys: the mirror!

The (Booty)Call of Cthulhu

I’m really sorry about this one. I guess it just kinda happened. Books and tentacles.., these things seem to go hand in hand in my head today.

painting on a book page
Acrylic painting on a book page. Yes, ripped out of Jane Austen’s Emma. No regrets.

Another mini painting on a book page for this week’s Illustration Friday. Theme = book! Also check out my previous book page painting if you’re digging this one 🙂

The (Snaggle)Tooth Fairy

Painting of Tooth Fairy
The Snaggeltooth Fairy is coming for your teeth.

While writing my previous dental themed post, I had a brilliantly dumb idea: the Snaggletooth Fairy. What do we think? Story material? Nah, she’ll scare the crap out of the little kiddies.

Little Miss Snaggletooth

For the Illustration Friday theme “Crooked”, I instantly saw this image in my mind. It’s the latest trend amongst teenage Japanese girls: the snaggletooth. Really? Yes, really. Money will actually get paid to have these put in place. Erm, out of place… Crooked teeth Japanese girlI think this phenomena is not just an inexplicable fad or a craze. It is deeply rooted into Japanese culture. Crooked teeth like these are an example of wabi-sabi. This term represents the view that beauty can be found in imperfection. Maybe it’s also down to Japan’s obsession with youth and school girls. Like this “I just got rid of my milk teeth” look.

I used to have crooked teeth once and my parents paid a small fortune to get these corrected. Oh dear… Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: my 13 year old self.

Bursting out

painting of curvy girls
Leeds girls going all out. Literally.

As a foreign person living in the north of England, the girls and their dresses continue to amaze and confuse me. Like I said in an earlier post, most Leeds girls don’t wear much at all when going out for a drink and a dance. No matter the weather, age or body shape for that matter, your average Leeds girl will sport that Lipsy mini dress like there is no tomorrow. And sometimes these things go wrong. Very wrong.

This is another illustration, in acrylics this time, done for Illustration Friday. Topic: BURST. Ha!

Nothing beats a nice smile!

This is Natalie Brooke from Musings of a Brunette. It was great fun to paint her big smile!

watercolour portrait of fashion blogger Natalie Brooke

Holding court

children's illustration of a princess
“You there, underling! Fetch me something to drink. At once.”

When a little boy puts on a knight’s costume, he becomes a knight. Those dragons really happen and the day needs saving. The earth’s future depends on it! It’s serious business.

One of my favourite games was dressing up too. When I slipped into that pink, sparkly dress and put on the plastic tiara, the gates to the kingdom far, far away really did open. They needed me to be queen! And I ruled them hard, really hard.

Today’s India ink and watercolour illustration has been done for Illustration Friday and the topic is… imagination!

True story

In my previous post I blamed a beautiful day in the woods for a lack of drawings to show. Well, here is a visual representation of said day.

Comic about a boy helping a girl

And then they had tea and cake after the boy dried his muddy feet on the girls jacket. They lived happily ever after and sure hoped to live near those woods one day. True story…

iPad life drawing – Boobies edition!

life drawing on ipad
Life drawing (from picture reference) done on the iPad using SketchBook Pro

Not much time for drawing today after a long and exhausting schedule of seeing friends, house hunting and exploration! Of Meanwood Park to be precise, which is actually more like a wild forest without real paths. What? No paths?

Like a proper damsel in distress my other half even had to rescue me as I had frozen up in fear on a stepping stone in the middle of a stream. Wobbly, wobbly… You see, I don’t do nature that often. He took off his shoes and went in the water to offer me his hand and help me across. BEST DAY EVER!

So here’s a quick iPad sketch of a naked lady.