Hula Girls

This watercolour and gouache illustration was inspired by this elusive thing called the Yellow Faced Fiery Man in the Sky A.K.A. the sun. Roll on Summer.


Today I’ve mostly been thinking about grabbing my stuff and getting the hell out of the UK. We’re almost in May and it’s barely 10 degrees and drizzling. Just now I was contemplating putting the heating on. My hands are so dry, they bleed. H&M and Topshop are making it even worse by teasing us by displaying those cut-off Coachella style denim shorts and crop top combinations. Are you kidding me? I’m still in my faux fur winter coat. So, do get in touch if you have a spare room somewhere in California. Or Hawaii for that matter. Will draw pictures for food. Pretty good and cooking / cleaning too. Thanks.

Anyway, this illustration was done in watercolours and gouache and was heavily inspired by the new Daft Punk video. It makes me feel homesick for this beautiful, sunny place I’ve never even been before.