Gwen Stefani portrait in pastel

It’s a true scientific fact that drawing from selfies is a nightmare. The angles are all weird and the resolution is usually bad, leaving the artist to make up details (like noses and jaws) as they go along. In my case, usually fluffing it up.

Still, I keep doing it. Guess it’s me all over. Stubborn. Wanting to do things the difficult way. But who can resist this gorgeous, glamorous candid snapshop… and that contrast!? Like she’s emerging from the darkness. Very film noir actually.

068_gwen_pastelSMLI drew Gwen (oh, congratulations Mrs. Rossdale, another boy on the way) in pastels from this picture she posted on her Twitter.

Gwen Stefani – pink hair edition!

Gwen Stefani illustration pink hair

This must be my favourite Gwen Stefani look. Return of Saturn came out 13 years ago, isn’t that depressing? According to the band, producing the album was quite a struggle but it has some awesome stuff on. This watercolour illustration is from a still from theĀ Simple Kind of Life video.

Gwen Stefani fan art

illustration of Gwen Stefani
“Enjoy the process” – Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)