Rockabilly Girl Fashion Illustration

I’ve totally discovered Skillshare, this awesome website were you can do classes taught by experts in certain fields, like graphic design, portrait drawing and fashion illustration. To channel my inner glam girl (yes, it’s really still there after working with just men for 5 years) I signed up to the¬†fashion illustration course by the amazing Jennifer illustration Jennifer Lilya classAnd hereby I present to you… the end result. Pink! Done in watercolour and ink.

Happy 2014 in ink

Lady with champagne fashion sketchThis is what I wish I’d look like on a typical New Year’s Eve celebration. Instead I was at home, wearing a worn out set of Yoga pants and a tartan Uniqlo fleece. I’m not a big fan of celebrating the passing of time. Another year closer to the big 3-0, another calender year gone, not exactly reasons to celebrate.

However, I did take the opportunity to come up with a list of impressive resolutions. Spending more time on art, for instance. And being more positive about the fact that this time passes so bloody quickly.

Erin O’Connor for Radley

Erin O’Connor is looking very striking again in the latest campaign for Radley.

054_erin_oconnor_paintingThis was probably the hardest portrait illustration to get (anywhere near) right… Ah well, let’s leave it up to world famous fashion illustrator David Downton. He really captured her classic features in this M&S campaign.

Happy in a poncho

cartoon girl with poncho

As Vince Noir once said to Howard Moon: “It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho“. And he’s right. Even a cold day in January can feel just like summer when wearing Uniqlo’s new poncho style fleece.

Taken with a Lomo LC-A+ at Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds.

Go on, try it. Happiness guaranteed.

Humans of Iran

… Or shall I say Ladies of Iran? Look at those cheekbones and lovely smiles!

Even a green crochet dress goes well with a smile like this.

Iran girl fashion watercolour in yellow coat
Furry Girl РClick for the original of  image by HONY.

New York photographer HONY went to Iran last month and took some really fascinating pictures of its inhabitants. The series truly changed my view of the country and the culture. Make sure to follow this guy on Tumblr or Facebook!

Previously, I posted illustrations of his usual muse: the Humans of New York.

Start NEW in 2013

happy new year fashion drawing031_happynewyear2012_2From my hometown of The Hague in the Netherlands I wish you are very happy 2013! A brand NEW start to a creative life.

Nothing beats a nice smile!

This is Natalie Brooke from Musings of a Brunette. It was great fun to paint her big smile!

watercolour portrait of fashion blogger Natalie Brooke


“Tall” is a subject close to my heart. Not only am I 6 ft. myself, but I hail from a city teeming with women in platform heels. So for last week’s Illustration Friday I did two quick pictures. One of me being extremely tall, obviously. And one of the women of Leeds. A city in the Northern part of England for those that don’t know.

painting of tall women
Illustration in acrylics for Illustration Friday, subject: tall!

It really is quite a sight. On Friday night the women go all out. Killer heels, fake tans, tight fitting mini dresses and they get drunk… really drunk. Some lose their shoes and fall over, some are even sick in the street. The main problem with these heels is that they actually make women look quite scary and overpowering. Towering out over all the boys, these groups of drunk, shrieking girls aren’t exactly the best representatives for femininity. But hey, here speaks a pale faced girl who hardly goes out and spends her days hunched over a drawing on a Saturday night.

painting of a tall lady
Children’s art style illustration in pen and pastels of me at work feeling extremely tall. Oh and mum, if you’re reading this… I don’t smoke, it just looked good for the picture!