Mexico holiday pt.1 – Dolphin fighting

Swimming with dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity they say. It is. Because I’ll never do it again. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day out. We got to feed them tons of fish, hitch a ride and give belly rubs. But with a constant flow of tourists coming and going they have lost their personalities a little bit. All day long it’s tricks, kisses, hugs and footpushes and very little time for dolphin private time and socialising. Until this happened…

Comic about dolphin swimming
Probably the best thing about this dolphin swimming malarky was feeling the dolphins heartbeat. It feels just the same as ours. I was also very surprised with how warm and soft they felt. A bit like a nice, voluptuous lady thigh of the sea.
Dolphin swimming in Mexico
After the Kiss activity, which was pleasant, he whispered something really nasty in my ear.

This all happened during the holiday in Mexico I just returned from. An awesome time was had and a lot of doodles were done. So there is plenty more where this came from 😉