Tiny ginger painting

Stay tuned for a postcard painting give-away soon ūüėČ

watercolour painting ginger red head girl

Tiny blonde painting

A blonde today! Postcard sized, watercolour and ink.

watercolour painting of a blonde

Tiny brunette painting

Postcard sized, watercolour and ink.

watercolour painting cartoon girl

Fluffy Friends

My life is all about fluffy bunnies at the moment. This little painting is for a nursery, for a baby yet to be born. Made with acrylic paint on a boxed canvas, this bunny will hopefully soothe the little one through the quite traumatising nappy changing process.

cute bunny painting in acylic

Furthermore, I visited this famous rabbit who has an entire square dedicated to him (her?) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Nijntje (called Miffy abroad) was born in Utrecht to a clever illustrator man called Dick Bruna in 1955. Starring in more than 30 books, Nijntje has sold over 85 million copies to kiddies worldwide.

Nijntje Pleintje in Utrecht

Sugar in tea

Sugar in tea is a sin, unless it’s Sugar the Pin-up Girl who is sweet enough!

Pinup lady in a tea cupI vaguely recall my mum having a tea set like this. This design is called Old English and it’s now a super expensive collector’s item. I have to admit that I broke a number of the cups while playing grownups in my earlier days. I was a careless child. Sorry, mum.

This picture is done as a present for the Tea in England blog which I like to read while drinking my morning cuppa! For all you arty types out there, check out the header artwork on this site. It’s very cute!

Holding court

children's illustration of a princess
“You there, underling! Fetch me something to drink. At once.”

When a little boy puts on a knight’s costume, he becomes a knight. Those dragons really happen and the day needs saving. The earth’s future depends on it! It’s serious business.

One of my favourite games was dressing up too. When I slipped into that pink, sparkly dress and put on the plastic tiara, the gates to the kingdom far, far away really did open. They needed me to be queen! And I ruled them hard, really hard.

Today’s India ink and watercolour illustration has been done for¬†Illustration Friday and the topic is… imagination!