Me as a little girl

I used to be little once. Back in the mid-eighties when mainstream music was still good. Don’t be fooled with my big smile though. I was quite a handful.

portrait in pastel of little girl

Back then I was pretty creative as well. But with walls and my mother’s lipstick instead of crayons or drawing pencils. I have also been known to involve green beans and 5 cent pieces in my performance art. Please don’t ask.

Another one in pastel and pastel pencils, it took me about 5 hours. Obviously, it has been donated to the parents.

The (Snaggle)Tooth Fairy

Painting of Tooth Fairy
The Snaggeltooth Fairy is coming for your teeth.

While writing my previous dental themed post, I had a brilliantly dumb idea: the Snaggletooth Fairy. What do we think? Story material? Nah, she’ll scare the crap out of the little kiddies.

Holding court

children's illustration of a princess
“You there, underling! Fetch me something to drink. At once.”

When a little boy puts on a knight’s costume, he becomes a knight. Those dragons really happen and the day needs saving. The earth’s future depends on it! It’s serious business.

One of my favourite games was dressing up too. When I slipped into that pink, sparkly dress and put on the plastic tiara, the gates to the kingdom far, far away really did open. They needed me to be queen! And I ruled them hard, really hard.

Today’s India ink and watercolour illustration has been done forĀ Illustration Friday and the topic is… imagination!

Doing it for the kids…

Hello my lovelies,

Family can be a real motivation for me to start and finish an artwork. You see, I often get crazy creative ideas in my head and most of them don’t make it anywhere near the finish line. Stuff ends up being shelved and forgotten about when I’m embarking on yet another creative adventure. However, when there is a cute 18 month young girly involved, I feel totally inspired to get a project to completion.

First of all, we’re often dealing with a deadline when producing gifts for loved ones! “Quick, get it done. Or we will need to go to Argos to shop for a birthday present. EEK!” Secondly, there is of course a great deal of feedback. Sloppy kisses from a very happy baby will give you a great incentive to get stuff made. In the end, us human beings are doing it all for the love.

For this hand-made present I had to get it all ready for said baby’s leaving party as she’ll be moving to Tanzania (*sob, sob…*) with her mummy and daddy.

Armed with some Indian ink, a dipping pen and Photoshop for the watercolour effects, I designed a little character: Lily the Princess. She went on to become the narrator of the book I designed and printed as the main leaving present. And this girl loves, I mean: LOVES books. By giving her a personal, hand-made gift, I’m sure she’ll never forget her creative aunty.

Illustration PrincessIllustration PrincessPaintings for little girl's bedroom

Is my pink princess doing it for you? Then what are you waiting for? Create something today for your loved one’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or just because you love them! You can easily make and print a book these days. I was amazed how cheap this can be. For my Princess Lily story I used Photobox as you can easily upload your own illustrations and design the lay-out. Just make sure you work at 300 dpi to get the best results!