Tiny black hair painting

Another hand painted postcard in watercolour and ink. I’m going to do a few more and then give away the painting of choice to the winner. Please check back soon!

Why not follow Miss Beretta on Instagram in the meantime. I finally cracked and with a shiny new phone also came… Instagram. Promise… no cheesy selfies, just work in progress art. Well, maybe.
watercolour pin-up portrait of blackhaired asian girl

Tribute to Bettie Page

I did a watercolour and ink drawing of Bettie Page today. What a stunner, our Bettie! For this portrait on her FB tribute page she is doing to slightly retarded cute face though!

Bettie Page portrait drawing

Missy Macabre in pastel

At my company we don’t do Christmas like most companies. This year we were treated to a bunch of dark cabaret acts, including a female fakir called Missy Macabre.

Missy Macabre portrait drawing in pastel

Missy Macabre portrait drawing in pastel sketchbook

I was very taken with Missy’s nail and hammer to the nose act as well as her striking face. For this pastel drawing I used this Missy reference.

Sugar in tea

Sugar in tea is a sin, unless it’s Sugar the Pin-up Girl who is sweet enough!

Pinup lady in a tea cupI vaguely recall my mum having a tea set like this. This design is called Old English and it’s now a super expensive collector’s item. I have to admit that I broke a number of the cups while playing grownups in my earlier days. I was a careless child. Sorry, mum.

This picture is done as a present for the Tea in England blog which I like to read while drinking my morning cuppa! For all you arty types out there, check out the header artwork on this site. It’s very cute!