Meet Sarah Elizabeth Orchard! This hilarious, pretty lady blogger often has me in stitches when posting about the slightly awkward things that happen to her. Like me, she was recently involved in a freak (what I call) British standoff. You know the situation: bump into someone, you go left, they go left, you go right, they go right. The stranger in question was… a pigeon. I get this with manky Leeds pigeons all the time!

pastel portrait of blogger Sarah Orchard
This pastel drawing was done with various selfies as reference. Camera phone low contrast and interesting self inflicted camera angles made this quite a challenge.

Head over to her awesomely named “And this is why I will die alone surrounded by cats”┬áblog if you want to know what it feels like to be a single girl artist and painter of crazy pictures that don’t even make sense.

One of my favourite freaky portraits by Sarah Orchard
blogger Sarah Orchard
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Nothing beats a nice smile!

This is Natalie Brooke from Musings of a Brunette. It was great fun to paint her big smile!

watercolour portrait of fashion blogger Natalie Brooke