Shopping for a bikini in low season can be challenging. When you’ve got a pear where your body should be, it’s even harder. After hours and hours of online shopping, I finally found a nice frilly number on

painting of girl on beach

Why in the world does she need a bikini at this time of year, you ask? Well, I’m off to a holiday resort in Mexico for two weeks! Yes, just like real people do. I’m going to have an awesome time sipping on cocktails and being all decadent in this 5 star all-inclusive on the Caribbean coast. Bliss… And guess what? I’ll be going during Día de los Muertos! Expect skull themed girly pictures soon.

painting of girl on the beach

Now it used to be quite normal for beachwear models to have more curves. In the 50s they were absolutely rocking those size 16 bathing suits. Wobbly bits would just be more covered up by skirted or hotpant designs, like Marilyn’s bathing suit here. So go on, just be happy with those curves!