The UK burlesque scene

There are just so many good burlesque performers hailing from the UK. Missy Malone, Anna Fur Laxis and Miss Miranda to name a few, travel the whole world to perform their tassel twirling, shimmy shaking magic. Here’s my ode to all my UK girlies, thank you for the inspiration! From top to bottom: Missy MaloneScarlett Daggers, Anna Fur Laxis, Lady Wildflower and Cece Sinclair. I’m sure there’s many more drawings to come.


Christmas over at Prudy’s

It’s been all Christmassy over at Prudy’s this December. And I totally forgot to tell you! Too many presents and recipes to think about! Head over to the butter, basil and breadcrumbs cookery blog to see the new Christmas header in action.Christmas kitchen cooking drawing


Christmas hat girl cooking

Christmas labrador drawing watercolourAnd this is Sophie, Prudy’s gorgeous Labrador. Merry Christmas to all!

Foodie on Board illustrations

It was a real pleasure working with Chef Julianna of – she pretty much did all the designing and I just drew the pictures 😉 Head over to her cooking blog for some yummy, healthy meal ideas!

(CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGES)foodie_headerfoodie_header_girlwebsite_julianna

More blog headers

A couple more blog headers I’ve been working on recently…

website header art commission

website header girl and baby deer website header art commission kitchen cooking

website header art commission girl and dogs

Head over to Justine’s blogs, Eclectic Odds ‘n Sods and Living in East Sheen, to see them in action!

In other news, FireBonnet AKA Meghan has won my Tiny Ginger painting. Sweet!

New Etsy Shop and GIVEAWAY!


After a big Arty Room clear-out this weekend, I decided that enough is enough and an Etsy shop was born. Please have a browse… welcome to Miss Beretta’s Illustration Pin-up Emporium 😉 All my cards are lovingly hand painted in watercolours – no prints, but the real deal: the original. Send one of these ladies to someone who’s really special to you… or stick her on your own wall, mounted and framed.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving one postcard away by randomly picking one of your names this Tuesday at 7pm GMT. To enter:

  • WordPressers, please re-blog this post and let me know which one you fancy. OR:
  • Click on the photo of the pin-up lady you like to most to go to the blog post about her. Then re-blog that post or share on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter using the “share” buttons. Please leave the Twitter handle @miss_beretta in your tweet or I won’t know your preference. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinupetsy watercolour postcard pinup

Tiny brunette painting – nr. 2!

Phew… It’s been a busy few weeks working on commissions. Squeezed in this little brunette as England failed miserably in Brazil. Ah well, being a born and bred Dutch girl, I’m supporting the Netherlands of course. Anyways, it’s my own competition next week! I’ll be raffling off one of these pin-up portraits. But first, next up is… a multi-colour hair girl!

brunette pin-up girl watercolour painting

Tiny black hair painting

Another hand painted postcard in watercolour and ink. I’m going to do a few more and then give away the painting of choice to the winner. Please check back soon!

Why not follow Miss Beretta on Instagram in the meantime. I finally cracked and with a shiny new phone also came… Instagram. Promise… no cheesy selfies, just work in progress art. Well, maybe.
watercolour pin-up portrait of blackhaired asian girl

Portrait for Justine

A watercolour and ink portrait for fellow blogger (and amazing red head!) Justine. Check out her personal blog Eclectic Odds ‘n Sods if you’re in need of a good old giggle.

custom avatar watercolour painting commission

Patty and her gorgeous doggie

A commission I did for the talented Patty Nguyen. Check out the wonderful pics on her cookery and photography blog for some seriously cute snaps of her doggie Bailey.

watercolour sketch of lady in park with dog cartoon watercolour portrait lady with dog

Prudy portrait

A portrait done in watercolours and ink for the lovely Prudy of the butter, basil and breadcrumbs blog. Click here to meet Prudy an see the reference I used.

watercolour portrait Prudy