Madison Montgomery illustration

Madison Montgomery drawing

Surprise, bitch! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of my American Horror Story ladies.

Misty Day Illustration

Obviously I listened to Fleetwood Mac while drawing this American Horror Story lady.


Cordelia Goode Illustration

Some more American Horror Story fan art… bored yet? I present to you, your next Supreme: Cordelia Goode, in watercolour and ink! I really think actress Sarah Paulson looks like Lana del Rey. Don’t you think?

Cordelia Goode American Horror Story sketch drawing

Madame Lalaurie illustration

Yes, American Horror Story’s Delphine Lalaurie is a horrible, serial killer racist. But something about her is just really loveable. Mainly frightening though.

American Horror Story Madame Lalaurie

Marie Lavau illustration

Possibly my most favourite American Horror Story lady: voodoo queen Marie Lavau. I spent a bit longer on this watercolour and ink illustration… especially the hair!

American Horror Story, Marie Lavau drawing

Actress Angela Bassett is just gorgeous (have you seen her arms!?) and she doesn’t seem to age at all. Also, did you know Marie Lavau is real? Born in 1794, she was a very influential New Orleans lady. As a hairdresser and voodoo practitioner she had a multiracial following and rumor has it that she excelled at obtaining inside information on her wealthy patrons. To extort money perhaps? What do you reckon?

American Horror Story ladies

sketch drawing of Fiona Goode

Myrtle Snow American Horror Story sketch drawing

Probably my favourite TV show so far: American Horror Story. Every season, the same actors play a different horror story and the latest tale is set in a witch coven in New Orleans. These ladies are just so very fashionable and I want to be them when I grow up.

The initial sketch of Myrtle came about for a drawing challenge on Twitter, organised by awesome 2D artist and fellow WordPresser: A4man. See what’s happening on the Twitter page of 1hour1sketch and join in. Only rule is that you only spend 1 hour on your sketch and absolutely not more! Just splash some paint or pixels around and have fun x