Do MORE things BADLY

new year resolution painting
Do MORE Things BADLY: my new year’s resolution in acrylic paint.

On new year’s day I grabbed my pen and scribbled a long list of resolutions. Making sure not to include silly things like “get thin”, I wrote a list of stuff that I wanted to do in 2013. Because let’s face it, we need to do more stuff. Stuff that we love. I would love to make another picture book for my niece (and other kiddies, who knows?!), decorate my new place properly, get my art room sorted out… And so much more! Overwhelm, panic, CHAOS!

And then it hit me. Do more things badly. A lovely phrase by SARK, from her book Make Your Creative Dreams Real. I regularly find myself thinking about a certain arty project for a while and draining myself from all energy before putting a pencil to the paper. Instead of making a start and just having a go, us creatives often find ourselves worrying about our abilities. Look, even Shane Glines is at it.

So let’s just make a start and give yourself the permission to fail this year!

Regency lady on a book page

Regency costume painting
Regency costume lady painted in acrylics on a book page torn from Jane Austen’s “Emma”. Some would call this “wasting”, I call it “enjoying a book, but not in a reading kind of way”.

It was cleaning day today. Stuff needed dusting. Especially the piles and piles books my boyfriend owns. Came across this tatty copy of “Emma” by Jane Austen. I was about to throw it away, but then it hit me. How’s about painting a cute regency lady? With the hat, the floaty dress and the flowers. On a book page.

Just because…

… I like furry things!

Painting of a girl with rabbits
Not allowed to keep dogs in my city centre apartment? Ah well, I’ll take my bunnies for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park!