The UK burlesque scene

There are just so many good burlesque performers hailing from the UK. Missy Malone, Anna Fur Laxis and Miss Miranda to name a few, travel the whole world to perform their tassel twirling, shimmy shaking magic. Here’s my ode to all my UK girlies, thank you for the inspiration! From top to bottom: Missy MaloneScarlett Daggers, Anna Fur Laxis, Lady Wildflower and Cece Sinclair. I’m sure there’s many more drawings to come.


Meanwhile on Insta…

It’s been a while.

Insta just kinda took over. Give me a follow if you like sketches in ink, cheeky pinup girls and the occasional snapshot of goats.

I’m now back in action again on here. There is just so much to show you, watch this space.

So this is what’s been happening on Instagram recently:



And Ellie from the math rock band Signals like my drawing of her, then reposted it and followed me too!

The Lost Sketchbook

female portrait pencil sketches

Moving house is a horrible experience. It requires hard work, it makes you feel unsettled and tracking down misplaced stuff is everything but fun. Just as I had given up on my little suede bound sketchbook, it turned up in the craziest of places… at the bottom of a box full of old video games.

So here are some skecthes of Debbie Harry, Audrey Toutou, Frida Kahlo and Twiggy! I just love faces with a bit of character… CLICK IMAGE FOR A HIGHER RESOLUTION.