iPad life drawing – Boobies edition!

life drawing on ipad
Life drawing (from picture reference) done on the iPad using SketchBook Pro

Not much time for drawing today after a long and exhausting schedule of seeing friends, house hunting and exploration! Of Meanwood Park to be precise, which is actually more like a wild forest without real paths. What? No paths?

Like a proper damsel in distress my other half even had to rescue me as I had frozen up in fear on a stepping stone in the middle of a stream. Wobbly, wobbly… You see, I don’t do nature that often. He took off his shoes and went in the water to offer me his hand and help me across. BEST DAY EVER!

So here’s a quick iPad sketch of a naked lady.

From the iPad

There’s a lot of new technology coming out these days that we feel pressured to buy, but really don’t need. Will our lives improve by a voice controlled television set? Do we really need a robot vacuum cleaner? The neighbors have one, so I need to get one too…

If you’re looking to splash out on something “new”, you should get an iPad. Go on, you artist, treat yourself to this great tool! They’re not even that expensive anymore. I think it’s a great way to sketch. Get yourself a stylus (Wacom) and just doodle away. Unlike an old fashioned sketchpad and pen, you’ve got an undo option so mistakes are easily corrected. And it’s just great fun! Downside? No pressure sensitivity. Just give these Apple peeps a year or so and I’m sure it’s gonna get sorted. Technology moves fast.

Life drawing on the Ipad
iPad life drawing sketch made with SketchBook Pro in about 30 minutes.

Letter to a friend

Some people deserve a second chance. Take my mother’s pen pal Cliff. Trust me when I say he’s had a really hard time growing up. I know this is never an excuse for any bad decisions made, but this guy has totally managed to turn his life around. From San Quentin State Prison California, where he’ll spend the rest of his days, he reaches out to teach others about anger management and the dangers of gang culture.

This one is for him.

Digital painting of Latina girl made in Photoshop
Trying to achieve that “drawn on eyebrows” look with Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom tablet. No picture used as reference! This may be my downfall actually… But hey, it comes from the heart.

I’ve made a little range of girly postcards for Cliff and this is the final one. He likes to swap or sell these in prison and I’m more than happy to help him.