Mexico holiday pt. 2 – Life’s a beach

Comic about beach life

Blue sea, white beach, palm trees.. what else could you possibly want? A cocktail of course! And then just watch the world go by. I love people watching and this gentleman deserved a comic of his own.

Mexico holiday pt.1 – Dolphin fighting

Swimming with dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity they say. It is. Because I’ll never do it again. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day out. We got to feed them tons of fish, hitch a ride and give belly rubs. But with a constant flow of tourists coming and going they have lost their personalities a little bit. All day long it’s tricks, kisses, hugs and footpushes and very little time for dolphin private time and socialising. Until this happened…

Comic about dolphin swimming
Probably the best thing about this dolphin swimming malarky was feeling the dolphins heartbeat. It feels just the same as ours. I was also very surprised with how warm and soft they felt. A bit like a nice, voluptuous lady thigh of the sea.
Dolphin swimming in Mexico
After the Kiss activity, which was pleasant, he whispered something really nasty in my ear.

This all happened during the holiday in Mexico I just returned from. An awesome time was had and a lot of doodles were done. So there is plenty more where this came from 😉

True story

In my previous post I blamed a beautiful day in the woods for a lack of drawings to show. Well, here is a visual representation of said day.

Comic about a boy helping a girl

And then they had tea and cake after the boy dried his muddy feet on the girls jacket. They lived happily ever after and sure hoped to live near those woods one day. True story…

“Haha, thrush”

Comic about birds

On my way to work, I often come across this little bird couple pottering around a disused field. They are quite an uncommon sight in the city centre. Beige with brown spots and a particular round belly, the Song Thrush is a rather pretty bird compared to your typical Leeds pigeon.

The most beautiful thing about these birds is that they’re always together and seemingly look after each other. Not long ago I noticed they had constructed a nest… on top of a traffic light! Their investment was doomed to fail as real estate is of course all about location, location, location. And that staggered Pelican crossing was just way too crowded.

Now all that remains are a few twigs held together by down feathers and dog hair. And the birds? They’re back in the field. Childless.

The Curious Case of George’s gender

We’re looking after George the Tortoise while my neighbours are away on holiday. Today it was my turn to clean up his human sized wee-wees and feed him strawberries, spinach and mushrooms. I’m saying “his” and “him”, but the professionals aren’t even sure yet. Nobody knows if George is a man or a lady. Not yet.

I was sweating it to start with. What if he doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to come out to play? Turns out we kinda like the same thing. As I sat with him on the floor, he instantly went for my shoes. Sniffing, licking, nibbling… George loves shoes! I like shoes too. And one thing became a lot clearer…

drawing of a tortoise
Sketched with felt tip pens and colours in Photoshop