You cook it, I draw it!

My illustration work for butter, basil and breadcrumbs eventually led to my adoption to upstate New York. My new mum, the lovely Prudy Blank, has just sent off the legal papers and I’m looking to move into my new home as soon as we get the nod from the U. S. of A. I can’t wait to be fed those wholesome meals and nibble on some ice cream sandwiches.

Jokes aside, it has been lovely working with Prudy and her excitable emails were just priceless! This is what I made for her cookery blog.

watercolour illustration of a lady cookingWatercolours illustration of lady cooking and entertainingHand drawn website header illustration in watercolourIn this age of slick digital imagery, I think more websites should be hand drawn. Especially the making and baking blogs benefit from lovingly illustrated watercolours.
These are the initial sketches:

woman cooking sketchwoman cooking sketchAnd there’s even more… Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “You cook it, I draw it!

  1. I couldn’t have found a more talented person to design the header and artwork for my blog.. Your talent surpasses any expectations that I could have ever dreamed of… I am honored to own a piece of your original work… 🙂

    …And (in my hoity toity voice)…. Oh, Marielle? You mean the multi-millionaire artist?? Yes..yes…we’re great friends.. BEST friends, really…my adopted daughter, if you will… I own a piece of her artwork.. she designed it just for me…blindfolded with one arm tied behind her back…

    Seriously..I’m honored to have your work on my blog, and someday in my kitchen 😉

    You know why? Because YOU ROCK!! You totally drove this right out of town…. RIGHT OUT OF TOWN!!!

    Thank you just doesn’t seem enough… but thank you…THANK YOU…

    I LOVE your work..I LOVE my header and artwork… it has been a pleasure working with you, and I would make you ice cream sandwiches any time, any day… xoxoxox

  2. You did an amazing job for Prudy’s blog, and she is obviously so happy with it! You are a very talented artist!

  3. I need you for my blog! I was just going to write Prudy and asked who did her logo. You are awesome.

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