The Lost Sketchbook

female portrait pencil sketches

Moving house is a horrible experience. It requires hard work, it makes you feel unsettled and tracking down misplaced stuff is everything but fun. Just as I had given up on my little suede bound sketchbook, it turned up in the craziest of places… at the bottom of a box full of old video games.

So here are some skecthes of Debbie Harry, Audrey Toutou, Frida Kahlo and Twiggy! I just love faces with a bit of character… CLICK IMAGE FOR A HIGHER RESOLUTION.

5 thoughts on “The Lost Sketchbook

  1. Hi there! 🙂 Super cute sketches… each one… and together as a group. I am glad you were reunited with your sketchbook… it really does feel like being reunited with a misplaced child! 😉

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