My 8 year old self

painting of girl dressing up

At 3 years, I thought they’d put me in play school to assist the teacher and tell the other kids what to do. A few years later, I had my mind set on becoming a famous fashion designer. And at 8 years, I pretty much considered myself all grown-up. Yes, I had a big imagination as a kid.

In addition to playing out this epic, continuing saga with my Barbies, I loved dressing up in my mum’s old clothes. I remember it became “real” as soon as I put those clothes on. I’d be performing a play and bothering house guest by demanding full attention. My mum was less impressed that time when I got out her lace bodysuit from the bottom of the drawer. I was quickly escorted back to my room and changed back in that typical garish 80s kiddie outfit.

This week’s Illustration Friday is about what used to be one of my favourite toys: the mirror!

4 thoughts on “My 8 year old self

  1. I was the same sort of child, I scribbled some dresses in crayons and was convinced I was a fashion designer for most of my childhood, this gave me the right to help myself to my mums wardrobe to play dressing up.


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