Little Miss Snaggletooth

For the Illustration Friday theme “Crooked”, I instantly saw this image in my mind. It’s the latest trend amongst teenage Japanese girls: the snaggletooth. Really? Yes, really. Money will actually get paid to have these put in place. Erm, out of place… Crooked teeth Japanese girlI think this phenomena is not just an inexplicable fad or a craze. It is deeply rooted into Japanese culture. Crooked teeth like these are an example of wabi-sabi. This term represents the view that beauty can be found in imperfection. Maybe it’s also down to Japan’s obsession with youth and school girls. Like this “I just got rid of my milk teeth” look.

I used to have crooked teeth once and my parents paid a small fortune to get these corrected. Oh dear… Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: my 13 year old self.

8 thoughts on “Little Miss Snaggletooth

  1. I love your illustration and your photo. You’re adorable! I had crooked teeth too that would have made yours look perfect. Your illustration is very pretty and sensitive. She is so sweet!

  2. What a sweet image. She’s beautiful, even with the crooked teeth. Your teeth (from the photo) weren’t nearly as bad as the girl in the drawing though. I can’t imagine paying to make straight teeth crooked, though. That’s so nutty and Japanese. 🙂

  3. What a sweet portrait and lovely style! I think a snaggletooth is kind of charming, but I understand how a young person might hate it. And I do think adding one on purpose is rather strange!

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