“Tall” is a subject close to my heart. Not only am I 6 ft. myself, but I hail from a city teeming with women in platform heels. So for last week’s Illustration Friday I did two quick pictures. One of me being extremely tall, obviously. And one of the women of Leeds. A city in the Northern part of England for those that don’t know.

painting of tall women
Illustration in acrylics for Illustration Friday, subject: tall!

It really is quite a sight. On Friday night the women go all out. Killer heels, fake tans, tight fitting mini dresses and they get drunk… really drunk. Some lose their shoes and fall over, some are even sick in the street. The main problem with these heels is that they actually make women look quite scary and overpowering. Towering out over all the boys, these groups of drunk, shrieking girls aren’t exactly the best representatives for femininity. But hey, here speaks a pale faced girl who hardly goes out and spends her days hunched over a drawing on a Saturday night.

painting of a tall lady
Children’s art style illustration in pen and pastels of me at work feeling extremely tall. Oh and mum, if you’re reading this… I don’t smoke, it just looked good for the picture!

11 thoughts on “Tall

  1. Excellent paintings- I really love your illustrative style. I am half an inch off 6 foot too, and visit Leeds often so can vouch for the fake tans and mini dresses!…I am not one of the sick in the street girls though, I just spent my Friday night baking and decorating biscuits! rock and roll! x

  2. you really should, it is so liberating – you’re already so tall anyways, what difference does it make? Check out my upcoming post for my latest addition to the collection…

  3. I’ve never been to Leeds, but it sounds a lot like New Jersey…but with better accents. 😉
    I wish I was tall, but alas, am only medium-sized.
    Nice, funny illustrations!

  4. “Tall” is close to my heart too lol… I just know my height on cms but I always was the taller girl in school, the taller girl in highschool and so on, second illustration reflects very well that.

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