Amanda Palmer

Painting of Amanda Palmer

Not so sure about the whole ukulele thing, but Amanda Palmer is an amazing woman. I love her style and especially her arty eyebrows. She isn’t exactly crippled by shyness and her ballsy attitude gets her absolutely everywhere. Like prison.

Amanda caused quite a stir in my home country of The Netherlands recently. She was thrown in the cell because she had disturbed the public order by performing in the famous Dam Square without a permit. Loads of people came to see her as she appears to work the Twitter machine very well. Police were having none of it though.

She must have had the wrong image of Holland. Especially Americans seem to think we are so laid back and just taking drugs all the time. Opposite is true these days, we had an attack on the royal family on a similar square in which some poor children and other innocent bystanders were killed. We had top a politician and film director assassinated, school and mall shootings and all sorts of unrest during public events. Should have done her research…

Gotta love her spontaneity though.

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