Return of the Sock People

In complete concentration and harmony, me and my boyfriend enjoyed a Creative Sunday last weekend. We do this sometimes and it’s never planned. When it happens, it’s magic.

I usually end up drawing little characters while my other half sews… yes, SEWS. This 6″2′ piece of manly hotness has his own sewing kit. This comes in very handy whenever my clothes need mending. Where I’m good at designing things, Joe is nice & obedient and very good with the needle indeed. I often suggest (tell) him what to make and he creates it in no time. What a guy.

He’s gone through a real phase of banging out these adorable sock creatures. Heavily inspired by Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphey, he has produced about 15 of these guys. He made one for his little niece, for a colleague’s little ‘un and of course a bunch for me! I love sticking pot pourri or lavender in their stretchy cotton bodies to make the bedroom or wardrobe smell lovely. Oh, and we just use recycled socks and the stuffing from an old pillow! Environmentally friendly indeed.

Sock Puppet
Sock Lady is a real person rather than a Stupid Sock Creature

Because I I LUUURVE making shapely girlies, I got my designing hat on. It’s time to take away what we learned from sensei Murphey and go our own way. Besides, his creatures are monsters rather than people and very non-gender specific. We need more pouting lips, long eyelashes and an irresistible hourglass figures in our lives!

Sock creatures
Earlier creations: Bob and The Spesh (left)
Hand made heart shapes with lavender
Last Sunday’s “Smelly Bags”

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